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Solar power — the future is now

Residential, commercial, industrial – large or small, we can install them all!

WestSideHammer-solarinstaller-278x186In a quest for excellence, our team optimizes all resources to achieve maximum customer satisfaction, while continually setting higher standards for the electrical industry.

Our design professionals will work with you to deliver the perfect solution, while at the same time, satisfying both your energy needs and balancing the cost-effectiveness of the chosen components. Whether you are looking for a roof, ground, or pole mounted solution – utilizing crystalline silicon or thin-film technologies – our team has the expertise and experience to design and install your system, according to the highest standards in the industry.

Expertise and manpower

As an electrical contractor with hundreds of skilled electricians working on commercial, industrial, as well as residential facilities, West Side Hammer Electric has the expertise and manpower necessary to bring MW-scale PV projects in on-time and under budget. We are familiar with all of the project phases and logistics, from design, through final inspection and check-out.

Financing a PV system

There are currently many rebates and incentives to help reduce the up-front costs associated with going solar.

  • 30% Federal Tax Credit
  • Pennsylvania Sunshine Solar Rebate Program
  • Alternative Energy Credits

Speaking with one of our solar experts is a perfect way to discuss what options are available for your location, how much of your electricity bill you could offset, and how a PV system could fit into your future financial goals.

The system design professionals at West Side Hammer Electric are happy to work with clients to illustrate the costs and benefits associated with PV system integration. Our experts will work with you to develop effective financing models, and help you realize an expedient system payback, along with strong future earnings.

Solid investment returns

A PV system is a fantastic, risk-adverse investment opportunity. In addition to reducing your electricity bill, the future cost of your electricity, from the system is guaranteed, since solar electricity will never increase in price—no matter what the market does. The energy savings and revenue stream from the AECs can result in a very high-yield investment strategy.

There is no better time to invest in your energy future!

PV System Guarantees

Every system designed and installed by West Side Hammer receives a complete warranty package.

  • Solar panels – 25 years
  • Inverters – 10-20 years
  • Roof – we will work with your roofing contractor to ensure we do not void your existing warranty
  • Workmanship – the overall workmanship of your system is guaranteed for 10 years
  • Performance – we will guarantee that your system will produce within 10% of the estimated production value for the life of the modules

Licensed, Certified and Insured

Our team is fully credentialed to ensure that the final product we deliver is of the highest quality.

  • APC certified sales and installations
  • For serious quality, choose a serious team
  • We deliver complete turnkey solar solutions
  • Explain your goals, we’ll provide the tools

Call today to speak with a solar expert and get started changing the way you feel about your electricity bill.