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Reduce energy needs and cut utility costs

In today’s energy awareness, bottom-line conscious environment, West Side Hammer Electric has taken the lead in providing real solutions that reduce energy needs and cut utility costs, without compromising comfort or productivity.

WestSideHammer-electricitymeter-278x186Our technicians hold Green Advantage Environmental Certifications, and comprehensively plan improvements to electrical systems that provide optimum efficiencies for new construction, retrofit, and renovation projects. West Side Hammer has a qualified installation trained team that upholds our high standard of workmanship and delivers customer satisfaction.

  • Complete Energy Turnkey Projects
  • Lighting Designs and Upgrades
  • Lighting Control Systems
  • Motion and Occupancy Sensor Installations
  • Daylight Harvesting and Time of Day Controls
  • Recycling of all lamps, ballasts, and related metals to meet all local and state requirements
  • Assistance with Federal, Local, and Utility Rebate Programs
  • Building Energy Surveys
  • KVAR Installations
  • Solar Power Technology Installations
  • Wind Power Technology Installations
  • Motor and Drive Installations