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Safe is the only way to go at West Side Hammer

Our safety programs, training programs, and work ethical standards are second to none. We are heavily committed to be exemplar in our industry.

Code of Excellence

WestSideHammer-safety-278x186When the IBEW issued a Code of Excellence in 2006, West Side Hammer Electric fully embraced the doctrine. Since 1935 we’ve held to the highest standard of quality workmanship, as expressed in our Mission Statement and the Vision we hold for our company. Each member of our team signs on to the Code including office personnel, technicians in the field, and management, and each conducts his or her work from this basis. Newly hired team members sign on as well. It unifies us in the conduct of our work each day.


The code of excellence is a program designed to bring out the best in our constructions member and demonstrate to our customers that I.B.E.W members:

  • Perform the highest quality and quantity of work
  • Utilize their skills and abilities to the maximum
  • Exercise safe and productive work practices

ome to work on time, fit for duty and ready to work.
bey recognized customer and employer work rules.
emonstrate zero tolerance for alcohol and substance abuse.
xercise proper safety, health and sanitation practices.

wn up to ‘8 for 8’ and be on the job unless otherwise allowed or authorized to leave.
ollow safe, reasonable and legitimate management directives.

ncourage respect for the customer’s rights and property, as well as for others on the job.
ercise the skills and abilities of the trade.
are for tools and equipment provided by the employer.
liminate waste and other forms of property destruction, including graffiti.
imit lunch and break times to allocated periods; adhere to established start and quit times.
eave inappropriate behavior to those of lesser knowledge.
mploy the proper tool for the job and maintain personal tool responsibilities.
do ot solicit funds or sell merchandise without the Business Manager’s approval.
urtail idle time or pursuit of personal business during work hours, including cell phone use.
xpel job disruptions and refuse to engage in slowdowns or activities designed to extend the job or create overtime or any other conduct that would cast the I.B.E.W in a bad light.

  • Management responsibilities to the collective bargaining agreement.
  • Employee encouragement but, if necessary, fair and consistent discipline.
  • Job safety, health and sanitation needs or requirements.
  • Ample job layout/directions to minimize down time and maximize employee productivity.
  • Availability and timely delivery of necessary materials.
  • Proper number and type of tools and equipment to ensure job progress.
  • Maintenance and upkeep of tools and equipment.
  • Storage and protection of employer and employee tools and equipment.
  • Employee adequate number of employees to perform efficiently or, conversely, limit number of employees to the work at hand.

Code of Excellence Winners

West Side Hammer Electric’s monthly newsletter highlights a specific person or persons who have done an exceptional job during the month. The winners have gone above and beyond what is required to get the job done.

All the winners have excellent attitudes, and we are excited to have them on our team. Congratulations and Thank You to all of our past, present, and future winners. You really do make a difference within our company, and we are very appreciative of your hard work. Our company goal is to be the best, not necessary the biggest, electrical contractor in the Lehigh Valley, and it would not be possible without you.

2015 Code of Excellence winners:

January – Jason Frey


2015 Safety Award Winners:

January – Ryan Frye